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Color Salon wants to make you as scary as possible

The Weekly‘s April Corbin has never looked better.
Photo: Justin M. Bowen

Walk inside Color Salon at Caesars Palace this month and you’ll likely see brides-to-be prepping for their most important day, couples sipping mimosas while lounging on an extravagant Fendi couch and a menu offering a slew of treatments—like a half-burned face for only $150!

No, this isn’t some rare designer treatment being offered at Michael Boychuck’s upscale salon. This is good old makeup and body paint, packaged as fun or scary or silly costumes just in time for Halloween. Prices begin at $50 for fang bites and move up through black eyes and scrapes ($100) and painted-on lingerie and thigh-highs ($500).

Halloween Face Paint Time Lapse

I opted for the undead look, with overwhelmingly undead results. “I don’t know what contest you’re entering,” said one man who stopped me in the middle of the casino, “but you’re going to win.” The depth of detail was impressive—tiny drawn-on veins, ridiculously long eyelashes, subtle shadows.

According to Color Salon staff, the body-painting packages (offered through Halloween) haven’t been hugely successful, but they’re hoping the rush comes immediately before the big day. That’s when the parties are, and when some investment in professional work might heighten one’s costume to contest-winning—and cash-scoring—status.


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