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Even those who disagree with Harry Reid support his bid for re-election. So should you

Harry Reid
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Something of an earth-moving nature happened here at home recently. Three well-respected and thoughtful leaders in Southern Nevada who are generally not thought of as typical Harry Reid supporters, well, are.

Some facts of daily political life in Nevada seem immutable. One is the disparity in political thought between Harry Reid, on the one hand, and three well-respected Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leaders, on the other.

And, yet, those three leaders came out strongly last week for Sen. Reid.

Why? Because, to a man, they each agree that Harry Reid, above all else, is a man of integrity and sincerity. Two essential qualities in a leader that must never be overlooked.

Marlan Walker, former Clark County Commissioner Jay Bingham and Ace Robison have known Reid for years, one practically for a lifetime, and each publicly supports Reid’s re-election. They understand, in spite of any political disagreements they may have, that Harry’s dedication to the people of Nevada is unwavering. And they understand that now, more than ever, we need his talent and ability in Washington.

For those who don’t know these three gentlemen and their strongly conservative political beliefs, there is an expression about someplace freezing over that comes to mind when I think about what they have just done.

They are adamant in encouraging their friends to support Harry Reid because all four men have in common a deep-felt belief in this state and doing what is best for the people who live and work here.

We all know elections are about choices, and what these men are saying to Nevada is simple: There is no other choice.

The Las Vegas Sun ’s editorial board examined the candidates running for office in 2010 and has made the following endorsements. Find the complete list at lasvegassun.com.


Harry Reid


District 1: Shelley Berkley

District 3: Dina Titus


Rory Reid


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Ross Miller


Kate Marshall


Kim Wallin


Catherine Cortez Masto

Brian Greenspun is publisher and editor of the Las Vegas Sun, where this column originally appeared.

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