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The Big Boy Toy Show is a celebration of how simple guys really are

Breaking out the big guns: For a few hours, life was perfect at the Big Boy Toy Show.
Photo: Sam Morris

Mohawked Odin Courtney holds up three fingers. He may only be 8 years old, but this is far from his first tattoo. This particular one? A sniper rifle, courtesy of the Airbrush Tattoos booth at the third annual Big Boy Toy Show at South Point. Yep, there’s everything here an alpha male could want—helicopters, planes, guns, Camaros, video games, guns, BMW motorcycles, college football, Sin City Roller Girls, guns. But Odin’s most excited about the wrestling, pointing to his father leaning against the base of a wrestling ring. I shake hands with Adrenaline Unleashed’s Rob Courtney, better known to his fans as “Crazye.” I suggest that his blue contacts make him seem a bit benign, and sure enough, the guy couldn’t be nicer. He’s got a demo match coming up in a few hours, so he’s keeping one blue eye on his son, who’s been clamoring for an Xbox all day, and the other on the rest of the show. “What’s better than great cars, video games and hot chicks? Guys are totally simple,” Rob says.

A couple of booths seem completely out of place at this testosterone fest—MJ Christensen Diamonds, Maverick Rose Jewelry, Winder Farms—but none more so than the Wealth Consulting Group. “Guys have to deal with finances too,” financial advisor Christina Mangino says, although today’s event seemed more about parting with wealth than managing it. Still, Mangino is having a great time. “I’m a girl and I like guys. What better event to be at?”

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