At WEFT, denim gets the tailored treatment

At WEFT, it’s all about control.
Photo: Justin M. Bowen
Sam Glaser

The Forum Shops have a new perspective on premium denim. Imagine a pair of jeans that fits your body and personality like a perfectly tailored suit. You might literally live in them. At WEFT, proprietors Vishaal Melwani and Karl Thoennessen are introducing Las Vegas to the Rogue Territory custom denim process, and they’re giving discerning customers full creative control. Here’s how it works:

1. Measurements The process starts with in-depth body mapping: waist, hip, seat, thigh, knee, calf, ankle, front rise, back rise and inseam.

2. Silhouette Choose skinny, slim/straight or relaxed. Note any desired fit adjustments, such as a lower rise or a more tapered leg. Now you have a unique pattern, perfectly suited for your body and style preferences.

3. Fabric Choose select or selvedge. Selvedge denim—made on vintage looms in 100-year-old mills—creates a distinct look and fray-resistant edges for an additional $50. Customers can also choose their denim’s country of origin (Italy or Japan), weight and color.

4. Wash From raw (no wash) to destroyed (fakes five years of wear and tear) with ample options in between. This step adds 3-D forms, whiskering—such as fading on creases near the hips and behind the knees—comfort, and character. Add $100 for wash.

Personalize your rivets at WEFT

5. Details Personalize thread color, button, rivets and pockets.

Your final custom denim costs $375-$525 and ships within three weeks for a $15 flat rate. Besides the Rogue Territory program, WEFT also brings a number of exclusive labels to Vegas, including Japanese cult favorite Edwin and recently launched, from Black Eyed Peas star Check out top-dye treatments from m2f and 4 Stroke Denim, in which fabric goes through a reversed destroy-first, dye-last process. Also available for the more price-sensitive customer: J. Brand and Earnest Sewn for under $200 and Genetic Denim starting at $80. WEFT brings the denim story full circle by offering versatile dress shirts and casual tops from brands like Shirt by Shirt and Life After Denim.


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