For many locals, Town Square is the new Downtown

Pete’s Dueling Pianos bar in Town Square on Nov. 14, 2009.
Photo: J. Ludwig/Night Vissions

It’s the worst mash-up I’ve ever heard. Music pumping from Lolita’s and Nu Sanctuary. A singer on Cadillac Ranch’s stage. A thumping bass line from Blue Martini. Another DJ, origin unknown— my guess is nearby Caña. A bit annoying, truth be told, but for Town Square, it’s a good problem to have. After all, this is now the place to be.

A year ago, Review-Journal columnist Geoff Schumacher called Town Square “the new downtown” and caused a bit of controversy. Tonight, it seems obvious: He was right. It’s a Wednesday night but this place is packed. Blue Martini, one of the first businesses in the center to gain a local fan base, is celebrating its two-year anniversary. One celebrant, a club promoter for one of the large nightlife companies, says he constantly sees co-workers hanging out at Town Square. A 22-year-old professional dating coach offers a harsh assessment of Downtown: “It’s ghetto.” He tells me he often recommends his clients visit Town Square during the day to chat ladies up.

Lounging around outside Yard House is Logan Roberts, a dancer in Jubilee! who relocated a few months ago. “Everywhere I’ve lived there’s been a place like this,” he says, adding that he can’t imagine Las Vegas without Town Square. His friend, five-year resident Kat Barker, remembers the time before Town Square. She didn’t get out as much back then. Now she’s here constantly.

“Anywhere else is on the Strip or in a strip mall,” says Barker. “Here it’s the perfect hangout spot for locals.”


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