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Carrot Top’s carrot top gets tamed

Smooth operator: Carrot Top cleans up nicely.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Two years. That’s how long it took to straighten Carrot Top’s notoriously curly hair. The new ’do began with a simple dream from Luxor stylist Zee Clemente and Las Vegas Magazine Art Director Erik Stein. They wanted to take flat iron and brush to funnyman Scott Thompson's locks and show him like he’d never been shown before—a dashing, debonair gent with a flowing orange mane. Carrot Top? He was skeptical, right down till the last minute. In fact, the LVM cover shot that’s been making the rounds online almost didn’t happen. “He was literally sitting in the chair getting cold feet,” says Jack Houston, editor of LVM, which is also owned by Greenspun Media Group. “He had never had his hair straightened before.” Needless to say, Thompson gave in, and hours later a very different Carrot Top emerged. Fitted in a John Varvatos suit and posed at the Luxor’s Tender steakhouse, Thompson looks more man about town than professional goofball. That’s the brilliance of the concept. Even for Las Vegans, who play I-saw-Carrot-Top-at-sushi and think they have the comedian all figured out, this was a new vision of the local headliner. And Thompson’s take? “I would have sex with her.” Well, some things never change.

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