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A few ideas to spice up local reality TV

The stars of Vegas Strip on TruTV.
Mark Hill

What we already have: TruTV’s new Vegas Strip, which follows officers on the Boulevard, and Las Vegas Jailhouse, which gives a window into county jail.

What we should have: Heavy Hitter Happy Hour, a cable access show in which Glen Lerner switches seamlessly between representing the unfortunate souls arrested on TruTV shows and doing comedy sketches with fellow cheeseball advertiser, John Barr.

What was talked about: The possible expansion of Bravo’s Real Housewives series to Las Vegas.

What should have been talked about: Real Housewives of Downtown Las Vegas. Forget high-end women getting kicked out of a country club. The real drama happens on Fremont East and in the Arts District.

What other cities have: HGTV’s Selling New York and Selling LA, following real estate agents as they hock upscale condos and million-dollar mansions in two of the country’s most expensive cities.

What we should have: Selling Las Vegas, a depressing AMC show highlighting a sea of short sales, foreclosed homes and the thousands of people underwater.


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