Zombiefy your face, pimp your screen or get squirrelly with the latest Apps

Want to be a zombie without the appetite for human brains? Try Zombiebooth.

ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier 99 cents.

Best 99 cents I’ve ever spent. Best 99 cents I’ll ever spend. First snap a picture of yourself or cull one from your library. Then make a couple of quick adjustments to the mouth and eyes. Three seconds later, you’ve got a video of yourself as a zombie. The zombie blinks, screams, furrows its brow and bites. There will be blood. Upload the video to YouTube and Facebook and impress/creep out your friends. You need to do this. If you don’t have an extra buck, stiff the valet guy. It’s worth it.

Five stars

Nuts! Free.

You're just a squirrel trying to get a nut in Nuts!.

You’re a squirrel and you’ve got to ascend an infinitely tall tree without running into any of its branches. If you hit three of ’em, you fall. Nuts! is intuitive and simple. Too simple. I got bored of it really fast. Specific missions (e.g., collect 50 coins before hitting a single tree branch) would have been nice. Also, I feel like my skill plateaued after just three games, so I didn’t see any reason to play on. That said, the price was right.

Three stars

Pimp Your Screen 99 cents.

Pimp your Screen should have thought about how App icons mess with background color.

This app contains hundreds of stylized graphic artworks, designed specifically for the iPhone Lock Screen and Home Screen. Some of the art is great, some of it looks like my 4th-grade Trapper Keeper, but all of the best images get obscured. When you’ve got a 4-by-4 grid of applications—each with its own eye-catching design—in front of any complex image, it looks like color salad. Yes, some of the Pimp Your Screen images were designed to accommodate and interact with the app squares, but all of them should have been designed that way.

Two and a half stars


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