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As You See It: Readers on the Jockey Club, Dre Whitt and more


Long, hard ride

As the Strip has grown, changed, imploded and started fresh, the Jockey Club has remained a constant. Last week, we took a look at the aging property and its history at a prime Boulevard address.

What are those people going to do, wait till the building falls down till they decide to sell? The Jockey Club is a blight. Just like the apartment complex by the Mirage, they priced themselves too high so they just got built around. We just have to wait until the building becomes unlivable and gets condemned. —Brian Hess

I don’t think this article was very fair. I own a PH Towers time-share, and after purchasing that we bought two Jockey Club time-share weeks (resale over eBay). It’s a great place to stay. The newly remodeled units with flat screen TVs are beautiful. The Geo Group is the one marketing time-shares. They try to get you to join their travel program not actually buy a deeded timeshare at the Jockey Club. —Bill Davis

In the late ’70s, the Jockey Club had a great little dance/disco club (Jerry Tiffe was there). Also a lady read tarot cards, and we played backgammon all night. What fun we had. —Bette Leal

It’s comforting that in a town that has zero use for preserving the past, something endures. —Karen Weil

In the bucket

With columnist Steve Friess leaving Las Vegas this fall for a fellowship at the University of Michigan, the local journalist has been feeling a bit reflective lately about what he has and hasn’t done during his time in town. A few weeks ago, Friess published his Vegas bucket list, and we invited readers to send us theirs. Here’s one of our favorites packed with classic Vegas experiences:

• I want to swim, Jet Ski, kayak, or otherwise experience Lake Mead. • I want to eat at Piero’s and Lotus of Siam. • I want to go up the Stratosphere and ride the most death-defying ride they have. • I want to ride the water slide at Golden Nugget. • I want to go to Glitter Gulch Downtown. • I want a 3-night stay in a villa at the Bellagio. —Chris Barrious

‘They’re attracted to my voice’

Last week, Rick Lax interviewed Don’t Tell Mama singing bartender Dre Whitt. We already knew she rocked, and readers agreed, sending praise and stories of the talented musician.

Great article. They’ll surely lose you to something bigger and better someday soon. Everyone better get to Mama’s while they can still see you up close and personal! —Angie Johnson

I saw Dre two weeks ago when a group of friends and I were out. One of them had seen her at DTM and raved about her. Well, after hearing her, I know why my friend raved. I was completely blown away! The whole experience was great! Going again very soon; can’t get enough. —Debbie Ross

I was in Vegas 4th of July weekend and went to DTM with my brother and his friends. Dre walked in the bar to work that night and immediately had my attention just in the way she carries herself. Then she started singing and that was all she wrote! This girl from Idaho hopes to get the opportunity to see her again live and in person, but if I don’t hurry, then it’ll have to be on the big screen someday soon ’cause this phenomenal woman is going big! Oh and by the way, best $10 tip I’ve ever given a bartender and via mouth was a whole new experience ... —Heidi Harper


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