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As You See It: Readers on O’Sheas, Barney and more

Christopher DeVargas

O’Sheas, we hardly knew ye

Last week, Erin Ryan bemoaned the impending loss of O’Sheas as we know it, which will make way for Caesars Entertainment’s Linq project. Some of our readers felt her pain … and some didn’t.

That’s so sad! I learned how to play craps at O’Sheas with some friends and some very nice dealers. O’Sheas and Bill’s are the only places on the central Strip where you can gamble affordably. —CHRISTOPHER BARRIOUS

Love, love, love O’Sheas. This is a serious tragedy. Where am I going to play beer pong on Christmas Eve again? —ERIC HORBINSKI

That’s so weak … I hope I make it back out there to Vegas, let alone O’Sheas, my favorite bar ever. —CHARLES L. MAXWELL

O’Sheas sucks. I remember when they gave out “free drinks” and the bartenders would make crude remarks to people who didn’t leave tips over $1. —MORASSA CASALS

50 is the loneliest number

Patrick Coolican’s piece on his drive down “the loneliest road,” U.S. Highway 50, posited that Las Vegas might actually be the loneliest place.

Try living in a town on highway 50. Then the isolation really kicks in. I moved from Las Vegas to Eureka! —CHELSEA CARSON

A myotonic malaise is my personal anachronistic experience having lived and worked in Vegas twice. Invidious reconstructions after the fact coupled with diminishing exogenous demand apparently is now the new normal. The first time I sensed a strong element of dynamic social cohesion. Now, it seems the ability to regress is a vital survival tool ... —CYPHERUS FULCINELLI

Editor’s note: Cypherus, we couldn’t agree more … we think.


In his final column, Steve Friess defended street performers dressed as SpongeBob and, yes, Barney, from potential county plans to regulate them.

The problem stems from them not stating up front that cash is expected. As difficult as it may be to believe, some people just don’t know they expect a tip in return. That’s when the problems spill into the public right-of-way. —JEFF WATERMAN

I am Mrs. Claus sometimes. And I never bother or hurt anyone. —TREASURE BROWN


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