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In a wreck? Need a check?’ There’s a (Glen Lerner) app for that

Car accident? Lerner has modernized the paper-and-pencil solution for you with his new phone application.
Robert Ullman

Let us just say up front: We love Glen Lerner. The guy is shameless. His ambulance chaser commercial? Brilliant! “In a wreck? Need a check?” Who else but Lerner would have the cajones to broadcast that? Now comes the commercial for the Glen Lerner app, in which a distraught woman calls 9-1-1, only to be told everything’s okay … if you have the app. This could be the height of Glen’s adorable recklessness—it’s hard to imagine a 9-1-1 operator whoring himself out for an attorney, let alone entertain the notion that anyone calling 9-1-1 is first and foremost seeking an attorney’s help. But yeah, we downloaded the app to see what it was all about. Turns out, it’s actually ... kinda cool. It has an easy interface (although we think the white-screen “flashlight” is lame). You can send accident photos, video and audio directly to Glen’s office, interview witnesses, detail injuries to yourself and others—it’s like those “private investigator” kits we bought as kids, only on a smartphone. My grandfather always told me to have pencil and paper in your car at all times in case of an accident. Trademark tastelessness aside, that’s exactly what Glen has done for us in the modern age. And how cool will it be to someday see a prosecutor in court say, “Exhibit A—the Glen Lerner app!”

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