Mayor Goodman’s ice cream analogy raises economic, political questions

The mayor used the analogy to further promote Downtown at a recent press conference.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman was giving props to Downtown businesses at a recent press conference when she used an ice cream analogy to further promote Downtown.

She argued that Downtown casinos give larger scoops of ice cream for the money because they are privately owned and want to keep their customers happy. Strip casinos, she said, are more likely to offer only a small sliver of ice cream for the same price so profits can be split among shareholders and keep them happy. Obviously, her simplistic metaphor could be argued against or agreed with in multiple ways, depending on economic and political views.

Throw in health care and Occupy and the comparison gets even more confusing. Vancouver-based magazine Adbusters, which started the Occupy movement (which has now hit both Fremont Street and the Strip), would likely argue that you shouldn’t even be buying ice cream.

Ice cream isn’t good for you, anyways. Too much of it leads to weight gain, clogged arteries and eventually diabetes, which drains pocketbooks and budgets, whether or not you have health insurance. Not buying it, however, means ice cream scoopers are out of a job. So, at the end of the day, you really gotta ask yourself, “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”

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