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Check out this not-so-perfect gadget for self-portrait enthusiasts


Calling all narcissists. I’ve got the perfect product for you. It’s called the iPhone 4 XShot Camera Extender, and it’s an iPhone case that attaches to a metal extending wand, allowing you to take photos and videos of yourself without that scrunched-in-the-frame self-portrait look that’s plagued photographers for so long.

The XShot isn’t just for narcissists, though, it’s also for shy tourists who feel uncomfortable approaching strangers with the line, “Excuse me, but could you take a picture for us?” As a bonus, the extender prevents other tourists from walking through your shots.

I had a lot of fun with my XShot, until it broke ... after 20 minutes. It was partially my fault: I tried to change the phone’s angle without first loosening the adjustment screw, and the entire case snapped right off the stick. The designers should have foreseen and accounted for this accidental misuse, but despite the product’s flaw, I want another one. At least, the narcissist in me does.


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