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An imagined dialogue between John Ensign and Sharron Angle

Another run in 2012? Brace yourselves, it is possible.

The Sharron Angle crazy train has arrived at Sen. John Ensign’s door. The Tea Party darling might take him on in 2012, but recently said she expects to talk to him about it first. Unfortunately, Sharron isn’t talking to us liberal media folk at the moment, so we took it upon ourselves to imagine their conversation:

JE: So, down to business. Never mind the fact that a guy who talks to a squirrel hidden in his shirt pocket could probably beat me right now. It’s still no cakewalk mounting a senatorial campaign. What are you doing to prepare yourself for this?

SA: What any rational person would do—promoting The Genesis Code in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa. And not because those are important 2012 primary states, either. I’m just a sucker for white Christian filmmaking.

JE: Isn’t that the movie with Tom Hanks?

SA: You’re thinking of The Da Vinci Code, which is a bunch of nonsense. No, this is a movie about finding common ground between faith and science.

JE: As long as that “common ground” means no science, eh?

SA: It’s like you’re reading my mind. How nice that someone from a different culture understands our country so well.

JE: Actually, Sharron, I’m American.

SA: Oops! Sorry. Everyone looks Asian to me.

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