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A bloody start to the new year

Illustration: Chris Morris

The tragedy in Arizona has the country squarely focused on violence, and how we can prevent it. Hopefully Las Vegas is listening. 2011 is barely an infant, but it’s already one laced with death. On January 1, North Las Vegas Police shot and killed 32-year-old Fernando Sauceda, part of a group shooting guns into the air to celebrate the New Year. On January 2, North Las Vegas resident Ronnie Gibson, 39, was found dead in the street after a confrontation outside a North Las Vegas home. And Las Vegas made national headlines with the grisly discovery on January 8 of the body of Debbie Flores-Narvaez, a dancer in Fantasy at Luxor who had been missing since early December. Her dismembered body was found in two plastic tubs filled with concrete at a Downtown Las Vegas home. (Her boyfriend, Jason “Blu” Griffith, has been arrested and charged with her murder.) Last year, we bemoaned 25-plus officer-involved shootings, not to mention our 116 homicides. If the first week of 2011 is any indication, that cry will be even louder this year. It’s tough to believe in the restorative power of a new year when we’re so quickly putting our populace in the ground.

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