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No same-sex marriage, but same-sex honeymoons are alright?

Illustration: Ryan Olbrysh

Seriously, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority? Now that New York is becoming the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage, you’re thinking of marketing southern Nevada as a honeymoon hot spot for LGBT newlyweds, even though the “wed” part isn’t possible here? Seriously? There isn’t even a good analogy for that degree of insulting. You can’t get married within our borders, but go ahead and celebrate by pouring some dollars into the tax system that pays the responsible legislators. By the LVCVA’s own estimate, you’re already spending more than $25 million a year on visits to Las Vegas alone, so why not buy into the idea that you’re welcome at the pools and nightclubs but not at the chapel where Britney Spears made a mockery of the hallowed institution you’re not allowed to be part of. You could have a domestic partnership here, but so can all the straight people who want to get the insurance benefits without having to make all those silly promises. Until same-sex couples have the same choice to make their love “public, official and permanent” in the eyes of the federal government, maybe we should lay off the “diversity marketing."


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