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As You See It: Readers defend EDC and Britney Spears


The appeal (Don’t shoot. Seriously. Please don’t shoot!)

A few (not at all rabid) responses to contributor Dennis Romero’s Electric Daisy Carnival wrap “The verdict on Vegas.

Take a close look at my shirt, buddy ... I heard you were covering the story for the Las Vegas Weekly, so I made me some shirts that said “F*ck Dennis Romero.” Hey, you’re now a local hero! I was surprised at how many people looked at me and actually made the connection. I am a Las Vegas native and very disappointed in the Las Vegas Weekly for hiring such a piece of sh*t for their recap of a monumental event and historic event. ... You can’t see five feet past your agenda, and who would have ever thought that you could do Las Vegas the honor by writing a fair article should be fired! —Chad Craig

Props for the high-effort dis. Going to the trouble of making a T-shirt is pretty impressive. But just imagine the amazing Etsy store you could create if you channeled all that crafty energy into something less angry ... like scrapbooking.

Honestly, if the likes of Lady Gaga Diddy and Flo Rida got booked for EDC, I would probably never go to another Insomniac event again. Saying, “If anything, EDC could use some of the underground electricity of illicit parties’ past. Ironically, that’s what’s missing here. Edge. Adventure. Rebellious attitudes,” and then saying they should book safe, mainstream acts like Lady Gaga is a complete contradiction. —Biana Faye Reck

You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr. Romero. I’ve been to more than two dozen Insomniac massives, this being my 10th EDC. Guess what? In my opinion, and in the opinion of everyone I know who attended this event as a fan (and not a disgruntled hack columnist posing as a journalist), this was the best massive ever put together. The lineup was phenomenal, the venue and layout were impeccable, and every effort was put forth to create comfort and flow among a crowd of this magnitude. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. All hail Electric Daisy Carnival! —Kyle Bracewell

This statement: “Sure, it protected (nobody died) and served (talent was huge), but EDC missed an opportunity to educate by mixing more interesting clubland names—albeit ones further down the marquee—in with the prime-time, big-stage A-listers,” is a sentiment I have been saying since the lineup wasn’t announced three weeks before the festival. And by the by, those who say that EDC isn’t mainstream, take a look: It’s being written about, reviewed and recapped in not only this publication, but other mainstream media, including Norm Clarke and Robin Leach’s columns. Sorry to break it to you, but not only is this festival mainstream, but it’s jumped the shark. —Grace Bascos

Your verdict is clearly not the majority’s. 215,000 (I’ll be nice and use your number) wouldn’t pay for the acts in the Heineken tent. But it’s cool, because your EDC experience can be totally different from mine. Love how you redefine rave just so you can still use the word, though you should know you can’t use a word in its own definition (ravers = a rave, that’s just pathetic). You extol Green Velvet’s musical virtues, yet make no comment on how there was no way someone could use nitrous oxide at the festival like they could in the early ’90s rave scene from which he emerged. And at the same time you decry the illegal rave scene and its related drug use, yet you demand more edge and adventure. Because the carnival rides weren’t adventurous enough? —Sam Miller

I think he was trying to say that EDC didn’t have enough lesser-known DJs that could have used the exposure. I can definitely agree with that, but we have to consider that this was a sort of test run for the new Vegas set up, and Insomniac went with what was solid. They wanted to (and did) lay down a good foundation, and I’m sure we can count on them to get more creative and mix it up in the future. From a Vegas native—thank you, Cali for coming to party with us. WE LOVE YOU! —Dieremi Guerrero

Do you think Electric Daisy Carnival should return next year?

Yes: 88%

No: 6%

I don’t know: 5%

Baby fat

The bad news? One-third of Nevada children are obese before they start kindergarten. The good news? Uh, maybe we can get Jamie Oliver to come to town?

As long as parents (or, in most cases, single parents) are working themselves to death at all hours of the day to pay the most basic bills, we will have obese kids. No money + no time + exhaustion + the malaise of working a job for laughable pay = Kids get the short-end. Not everyone can be a full-time mom who makes daily trips to Whole Foods and vinyasa yoga classes, unfortunately. (I wish. Fervently.) —Heidi Barwell

This is disgusting. Children should not have to deal with obesity and the health problems associated with it. The general population in America does not know how to eat. Too often they think it is less expensive to feed the family high-calorie, high-fat, high-sodium food completely lacking any nutrition whatsoever than it is to take a few minutes to go buy groceries. For the cost of feeding the whole family off the Dollar Menu, an entire meal could be prepared. It’s not all the parents’ fault; much has to do with American society. ... People need to be educated, people need to care enough for themselves, their families, friends and loved ones to push for a healthier nation. —Jesyka Rabbit

Leave Britney Alone

We’re not entirely sure why, but you still really, really have a thing for Brit-Brit.

Wow. Spears just “reduced to eye candy.” You don’t get why people are there, why they cheer and what Spears means to them. This tour is a stepping stone that is one of many in Spears’ reinvention/reemergence as a performer. —Lisa Ibanez

First of all, Josh, you’re nothing more than a liar that wanted to be a singer that is reduced to write. I was at the concert, and she sang and danced her ass off. The crowed loved it and went wild, you loser. Cut your hair ... —Bradley Coslett

Hey, Brad. As far as we know, Josh has never had much in the way of star singer aspirations (professional peanut butter reviewer, maybe). And he did just cut his hair. Can’t believe you didn’t notice. Ugh!

The true artists are the folks who produce her music and put together her shows. Don’t get me wrong, I like Britney and I buy her music. I would have gone to the concert, if I was available. However, I accept her for what she is. I’d probably be very disappointed if she didn’t lip sync at her concert. She never sounds that great live. —Jim Christenson

And now the letter that misquotes Spears obsessive Chris Crocker and misspells the singer’s name. Let’s make a deal: We’ll leave Britney alone, when you learn how to spell.

LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!!! AFTER ALL SHE’S BEEN THRU ... SHE’S A HUMAN!!! You’re lucky she even performed for YOU BASTARDS!!! Leave Brittany alone NOW!!! —Byron Mason


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