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As You See It: Readers opine on Downtown, Trader Joe’s and more

Here at the Weekly, we don’t get to spend much time inside Las Vegas’ swankiest suites, but at least one reader knows them well …

High heels and wisdom

Last week, Kristen Peterson drafted a letter to Zappos employees with helpful tips for their impending move Downtown. In response, she received a marriage proposal, a few hearts (in the comments feed) and 87 recommendations on Facebook (okay, technically that was the story and not Kristen herself).

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a lot of gates Downtown, only they’re on doors and windows. —Martin Stein

Whatever. It’s just an address. —Dayvid Jann Figler

Remember that scene in Gangs of Downtown Vegas where Leo DiCapriotti led The Dead Hickeys in battle against The Natives on the streets of East Fremont after they strung up Mindy Kaling? Yeah, me neither. I would not encourage just any ol’ shoe salesman to move down here; the vetting process is very complicated. We’d prefer you send us your money and stay in a nice little condo up in Smotherland where we can still make fun of you. Thanks. Oh, and Denny’s at Neonopolis?!?! BOY-F#*CKING-COTT!!! —JW Caldwell

Three years ago, before tight jeans, people didn’t give a crap about Downtown. —Richard Brian

The Gayest Honeymoon

Should Las Vegas really be marketing itself as a honeymoon destination for gay couples when those couples can’t marry here? You said no. And vehemently yes!

We should all know by now, gays are only good for their expendable income. Not for being humans or anything. —Dan Cryer

Gays are treated no different when it comes to corporate America’s insatiable appetite for shopping and disposable income dollars. Who’s kidding who, if you think marketers go after straight consumers because they are “humans”? We should encourage the Las Vegas business community to go vigorously after the LGBT dollar as much as we go after everyone else’s. So why not market to the LGBT community that it’s okay to come to Las Vegas and celebrate; at least we are honest in telling them we want and appreciate their money! Anyone who is mistaken by the purpose of Las Vegas, or any other tourist destination, should pull their head up out of the hole. —Ronald Washington

Joe Shmoe

Last week editor Sarah Feldberg swore off Trader Joe’s in light of their refusal to sign the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Campaign for Fair Food. One week later she’s still holding out ... with a little company.

I worked at Collier Health Services’ Marion E. Fether Center in Immokalee, and I can tell you from experience the level of health abuse these workers endure. The amount of anomalies and deformities in babies was astonishing, all as a result of the pesticides they are exposed to. Malnutrition was rampant and diseases I thought were eradicated, because they seldom occur in America nowadays, were very prevalent. ... Very, very sad. I can recall the look of suffering and pain in these people’s faces, and that’s enough to keep me away from TJ’s for life. —Parvati Ben


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