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Let your book eat your computer for once

Don’t read but want the hot coffee shop chicks to think you do? Try BookBook.

I have a love-hate relationship with the BookBook, a hardback leather computer case designed by Twelve South for the MacBook Air. Love: The case feels sturdy and looks gorgeous—chocolate-brown leather with red and green spine accents, just like a real antique book. If you saw it on a bookshelf, you wouldn’t give it a second glance. Hate: The BookBook doesn’t really do anything. It doesn’t have a handle for carrying, and it doesn’t protect the laptop from scratches or spills—not when I’m using the computer, at least. Plus, the case adds 13.5 ounces of weight to the Air, which is just 2.38 pounds to begin with. That’s a 28 percent increase. Did I mention it’s expensive? My plan: Continue using it and continue complaining about it. $79.99-$99.99,


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