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As You See It: Readers opine on ladies nights and old-school eats


Ladies first?

Last week we discussed ladies nights, the rarely disputed, recently resolved practice of giving free stuff or discounts to people with boobs. Governor Sandoval said it’s okay to discriminate, as long as you’re doing it for the right reason: to make money, of course.

Love it. People should have the right to promote their business any way they can, if it is not putting anyone in harm’s way. Go Nevada!!! On the other hand, we have a financial crisis and schools are underfunded, and this is what we spend our time on? And oh yeah, f*ck Dennis Romero!!! —Chad Craig

Welcome back, Chad, T-shirt maker, freedom promoter and Dennis Romero hater. Maybe it’s time to let the EDC angst go and start working on new homemade tees with messages like “I love ladies night!” and “Go Nevada!”

Todd Phillips was probably the douchebag in class who raised his hand two minutes before the bell rang on a Friday and asked the teacher if there was any homework for the weekend. —N. Yvette Cerón

Great idea, Craig. What could possibly be wrong with advertising something like “No Minorities Monday”? —Brian Labus

Todd Phillips needs a vacation. Or a life. Or both. Single men know why there is a ladies night. —Chris Kincaid

Group hug

Dear Andrea Gomez-Nero. We love you, too. Even though we don’t really know you. But we love your recent comment on our Facebook page, and that’s practically the same thing, right?

I love Las Vegas Weekly!! I am a Las Vegas native, and you cover every inch of what Las Vegas is all about ... the good, bad and the ugly and the lovely. Thank you! —Andrea Gomez-Nero

No such luck

When Steve Friess wrote a recent column about MGM Resorts’ string of bad luck, we weren’t expecting any theories of causation ...

Karma for 6-5 blackjack. —Byron Mason

Well, it is Sin City. It’s not all about glitz and glamour. There is a dark side to everything. Know the old saying? Money is the root of all evil. —Roger Tiquia

Don’t forget the power transformer blowout from a few months ago that knocked out power to all of CityCenter for about nine hours. Also, the Veer Towers building has a major design fault that’s causing incredibly loud, even severe, noise levels. When the wind is blowing hard (as you know, that’s often in Vegas), Veer sounds like a chaotic swarm of didgeridoos. It gets so bad that Veer residents have to pack overnight bags and take comp’d rooms at Aria. ... But all of that said, CityCenter is an amazing complex. Nothing else like it will be built in the U.S. for a very long time. It’s also a pretty incredible place to live. —Rob Anderson

White napkins and class

Last week, Brock Radke served up a guide to Las Vegas’ classic restaurants, places where old school flavors and service live on in a much-changed city. The story was well-read, and prompted recommendations that we might just have to try.

The Barbary Steakhouse is still an old-school classic setting with exceptional service and a great, simple menu of superb quality. An article like this is also incomplete without mentioning Bob Taylor’s Ranch House in the Northwest part of town—the oldest restaurant in all of Las Vegas still operating today and the home of some of the best smoked prime rib and the largest portions of steak you’ll find on any menu. Old Vegas dining isn’t dead by any stretch; it’s just a little tougher to find nowadays. —Brad Fredella


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