Sister Wives’ family needs a big house for their big love

Illustration: Kristian Hammerstad

It’s not easy to find a nice four-kitchen suburban home with several living rooms, ample sleeping space and a sprawling backyard here in the Valley. Anyone who's been watching Sister Wives on TLC will attest to that. As all 21 members of the Brown family set out for Las Vegas, leaving their potential legal problems back in Lehi, Utah, they were confronted with the fact that our pseudo-palatial, boxy Las Vegas homes are simply not built to accommodate a perfect blackjack hand of a family. Even their Utah home, which consisted of three apartments in one house (like connecting hotel suites for high rollers with modest tastes), was still short a kitchen, living room and bedroom for fourth wife Robyn, whom the Brown family patriarch married in Season 1. Brown and his wives, members of the Apostolic Brethren Church, say their reason for bringing reality television show cameras into their clan is to introduce mainstream society to polygamist families and the discrimination against them. If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far, it’s that, for being so close to Utah, Las Vegas is seriously lacking in polygamist housing. For now, may we suggest the Sahara?

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