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As You See It: Readers on what Las Vegas needs



When we started brainstorming for our “What Las Vegas Really Needs” story, we had enough ideas for an entire issue. Instead we narrowed them down to our writers’ most voracious desires and then sat back and watched the reactions fly. Some readers jumped on the bandwagon, echoing our calls and adding their own. Others took us to task for not fully appreciating what we already have. Let’s just say that in Las Vegas, as in any city, there’s room for improvement. We can talk about it further on that new subway city planners are working on.

Great article on what Las Vegas needs. I have been complaining about bands driving right through Vegas for years because we have no medium size venue to play. It also contributes to the terrible music scene here. —Gary Schlager

April Corbin, you are my hero. Sign me up for project reallocate-yard-water-to-a-waterpark today! And yes, what is the deal with Ikea refusing to give in to the petulant insistence of my friends and I? —Billie Bundschuh

NBA would be the best sport to bring to Las Vegas. Especially if the team gets into a best-of-seven playoff series. Playoff games are guaranteed to be in hometowns of both teams playing, unlike in the NFL. Playoff games are where the economic advantage is for big sports. Also, Las Vegas is fired up and ready to go for tourists every day of the week (every night is Saturday night in Las Vegas), and bringing tourists on weeknights to watch NBA would help out some of the slower traffic nights in Las Vegas. —Phil Staudt

Go to Portland, Oregon, and see what Vegas could do with public transportation. The MAX light rail goes right to the airport then to downtown, east, west, south ... You get the picture. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough at the reasons why not, but wouldn’t it make sense to have the rail go to the airport here? Apologies to the taxicab cartel. —Steve Eberhard

Great article! Most of these ideas are awesome. As a former New Yorker, I loved the public transportation idea. Thanks for the map, too. It’s a keeper. —Francisco Virella

We agree, Francisco. Art Director Ryan Olbrysh even sacrificed a much sought-after stop at his front door to make the map more useful. Oh, the sacrifices we make.

Vegas could use some dedicated bike lanes all over town. —Sylvia Rowe

I agree, Mark. I would love to punch people in the face with public art! —Miguel Rodriguez

NFL Team and Emo’s are bad ideas. NFL teams lose money in every city, and nobody can afford tickets. Why bring something else locals don’t get a discount on? Emo’s in Austin sucks; why bring it here? Vegas does not need a Central Park; we have great parks. It was stupid for them to get rid of Wet n’ Wild and the MGM Themepark. I’d like to see some originality in Vegas. —Kellybrew Lisa

When you mentioned “a mile’s worth of murals could bring life to old Downtown buildings” I think you must have forgot or not been Downtown lately to see the blocks of murals that started in March and continue to be added to daily. This was all done in one weekend by over 60 world-renowned artists from a grass roots effort with very little sponsorship. This mural program is open to all experienced artists that would like to contribute to it by way of submitting portfolios to POP2 cultural arts center (107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 240). —Ras Onerz


We were very pleased to see this tweet from Cee Lo Green following Ken Miller’s review of his Vegas-set video, “I Want You”:

@CeeLoGreen: @lasvegasweekly thanks guys.


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