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Jim Rogers’ floating heads says, “Follow me!”
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KSNV-TV station owner and former UNLV Chancellor Jim Rogers was born to tweet. He had perhaps the greatest resignation letter ever written in the ADD generation (“I quit.”), and he’s a font of opinion, never shying away from the topics of the day. However, Rogers still has a thing or two to learn about his new communication vehicle of choice. Most of his tweets are two-, three-, in some cases, even four-parters. For a man who changed his life in two words, 140 characters seems a bit of a challenge. Here are some of his most recent gems on @jimrogersnevada:


• As another example of the NFL’s neurotic need to stay as far away from Nevada gaming as possible you should know that …

• Several years ago NBC bowed down to the NFL request to move the NBC hit show Las Vegas from Monday night to Friday.

• This was done to avoid promoting a program with the name “Vegas” in it during Sunday night football.

• Think about all of this and then ask yourself if you think there’s any chance in your lifetime the NFL will bring a team to Nevada.


• Sandoval is smooth, suave and more politically astute in that he will screw the little guy who will never know it.


• BDR 864—Senator Kihuen—Prohibits the taking of an excessive number of certain free publications under certain circumstances.

• How in the world could something as stupid as this be suggested by a senator who I thought had good judgment?


• Let’s turn our entire education system into 1 large trade school. In 1 generation Americans would become ...

• ... the work horses of the Chinese economy.

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