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The LVCVA figures out the recession affected people

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority spent eight months studying the spending behavior of post-recession consumers. They ran focus groups in six cities and collected 10,000 online surveys. What’d the LVCVA come up with? “The recession has changed the ball game ... The recession has changed the buying habits of a whole group of people.” That took eight months? My cat could have told you that overnight. Anyway, the LVCVA began rolling out the new $7 million recession-friendly ad campaign last week. It offers up Vegas as the ideal place to visit on a budget—and I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be ironic or sarcastic. Regardless, isn’t this campaign one year too late? Aren’t we supposed to be in “Recession’s over! Let’s go out and spend!” mode? If we act like everyone has money, people will come here and spend because they’ll think everybody else is doing it.


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