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Despite low turnout at this year’s Twestival, Nevada is No. 1

Illustration: Jack Dylan

Nevada as leader of anything in the technological realm is a concept many have difficulty believing. And tonight shows why. Turnout at the third annual Twestival—that’s Twitter+festival—is a third of what it was last year despite a recent study by global public affairs firm DCI Group placing Nevada at No. 1 when it comes to the percentage of the population (1.74 percent) using the social media site.

“You wouldn’t believe that at an event like this,” says Twitter newcomer Michael Luna (@mluna84), before adding that this Thursday-night turnout at Caramel could be the result of the city’s over-saturation of entertainment options. One of the LV Twestival organizers, Manya Susoev (@ManyaS) tells me the event may simply have run its natural course. So-called tweet-ups like the Twestival have become commonplace. If anything, that could be considered proof the state really is atwitter with use.

Companies of all sizes across the Valley are creating Twitter accounts for their businesses, and those that can afford to are hiring specific social media managers to handle the accounts. Look no further than Slidin’ Thru (@slidertruck) for a success story—the food truck used Twitter to announce its locations and build a following. Now, the owners have a brick-and-mortar restaurant off Paradise Road. On a corporate scale, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh (@Zappos) encourages his employees to tweet on the job, even creating a list of Zappos staffers that the curious can follow. Tweet the company a complaint and you’re likely to hear back quickly, customer service in the digital age. Even politicians are getting involved. Harry Reid has an official Twitter account and was selected by Time readers this year as one of the 140 (get it?) best people to follow.

Still, DCI Group’s chief digital officer Chip Griffin has admitted he has no idea why Nevada should be first in the nation in Twitter usage. I guess that conclusion is up to the ever-growing Twitterverse.


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