Good luck winning O’Shea’s new football game


If you like football, craps and losing, you’ll love O’Sheas’ new table game. It’s called 3 Dice Football, and it debuted last Monday. Here’s how it works: Your basic bet is whether or not a touchdown will be scored. You roll two green dice and one red one. The outcome determines how many yards your football player token rushes. If you can get the token from the 20-yard line to the end zone in six rolls or less—good luck on that—you score.

I played twice … and lost both times. Dealers Rowena and Krizanne were maddeningly encouraging, even when I rolled a “penalty,” which happened twice. And when a visiting California guy quipped, “This game is easier to comprehend than it is to win,” Rowena and Krizanne laughed it off. Then, one turn later, the Californian’s buddy actually won. O’Sheas must have cut him some slack because it was his birthday.

Don’t play 3 Dice Football to get rich; play it because you’re drunk and you want to have fun. The minimum bet is $5, and it’s a whole lot easier to understand than regular craps. And who knows … you just might get lucky. Brittani, the promo model brought in to lure guys to the table, said that a man from Iowa turned $20 into $640 at the 3 Dice Football table. Of course, it’s probably easier to win the Super Bowl.


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