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Las Vegas art, meet ‘Real World’ fist


It’s likely that Michael “Adam” Royer, a 22-year-old from Maine, had nothing against the Tod Motor Hotel when he threw his fist into an image of its marquee, rendered by Las Vegas artist Brian Henry. But that sort of thing happens when you cast a hothead on a reality show to drum up drama and possibly boost ratings.

Henry took it lightly. When he saw Royer punch the piece, titled “Tod,” on the trailer for Real World: Las Vegas he made a video repeating the scene and posted it on his Facebook page. He’d already created replacements for that and other damaged artworks that appear on the show, filmed at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Henry and his wife, Jennifer, whose work is also featured on Real World, were contacted through Trifecta Gallery by the show’s reps searching for Las Vegas-themed art.

This couple’s works provide a great nod to the actual real world of Las Vegas, and the Henrys, who collaborate on most of their work, are exhibited frequently at local galleries. Brian, a Las Vegas native, is a senior design associate at the legendary Young Electric Sign Company. Jennifer owns Flock, Flock, Flock boutique at Emergency Arts. “Tod,” the victimized piece, is a mixed-media work based on a photograph and will be part of Brian’s exhibit High Noon at Emergency Arts’ Kleven Contemporary gallery from April 1-May 28. Jennifer’s work from Real World makes up the show Someone I Love Someone I Hate, through April 30 at the pocket gallery inside Trifecta Gallery in the Arts Factory.

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