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Dissecting a few highlights from Paul Carr’s Vegas blog

British scribe Paul Carr embarked on an ambitious experiment last month—living in a different Las Vegas Strip hotel every day for 33 days, chronicling it all for the Huffington Post. Since his blog ends in a few days, we thought we’d take a few of his bon mots and offer our capsule comments:

•“Much of the entertainment reporting here is basically indistinguishable from pillow talk.” (Day 9) Way to put us on the defensive right from the start, Paul. And yeah, you’re dead wrong. We can name at least a few hard-working entertainment reporters here in town who barely have time to get their work in by deadline, much less kiss celebrities’ asses.

•“Some of the dancers put ‘bitter apple’ on their nipples to discourage licking.” (Day 4) And here we thought it was just to discourage dogs. Oh, wait …

•“For every hardworking homeowner who took their bank’s advice and ended up paying the price, there were plenty of others who thought they could become property tycoons overnight, and fell victim to their own greed.” (Day 22) Were you running out of steam at this point, Paul? Fascinating data for a reader who hasn’t been online for, oh, three years or so.

•“Make no mistake, Donald Trump loves oil, like the Cookie Monster loves cookies or the Republican Women’s Groups of Nevada love hairspray.” (Day 25) Don’t know for sure if Carr knows exactly what’s in the Donald’s head, but one thing’s for sure—he’s hung out with Republican women’s groups in Nevada.

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