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Thinking about food truck vandalism, Flavor Flav and more

Flavor Flav (pictured at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip) was recently arrested for traffic violations right here in the city.
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Not cool, guys Shepard Fairey and Banksy aside, vandalism is an idiotic crime—even worse when committed against good people trying to serve good food. Here’s to hoping karma finds whoever defaced the Muncheeze Truck last weekend. April Corbin, web content editor

Flavor of disaster? A local arrest for traffic violations and a failed restaurant in Iowa? As excited as I am for Flavor Flav to open a chicken joint here, how can it possibly end well? Ken Miller, associate editor

Walk this way The other day, I saw a guy start to jaywalk and almost get nailed by an Elantra. Rather than scramble for his life, he cocked his head and strutted back to the curb. That’s Nevadatude. Erin Ryan, staff writer

Now (don’t) hear this Looking forward to Casey Weldon’s return to Trifecta Gallery on May 5 with In Other Words, an exhibit based on the incorrect lyrics the artist hears from people wearing ear buds. Kristen Peterson, staff writer

Limited, but delicious Dear Subway: Thanks for finally bringing back the Orchard Chicken Salad sandwich. But can we just keep it on the menu this time around? No need to go all Disney Vault on us. Rick Lax, staff writer

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