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Garage sales go virtual with the Rumgr application

Have some stuff to sell? Consider Rumgr!

Valley residents are notorious for having a lot of stuff sitting idly in storage lockers and garages.

Knowing this, Dylan Bathurst and a couple of friends created Rumgr, an app that helps users buy and sell things in their area by snapping a photo of their unwanted item, then posting it to the app.

Set up like a virtual garage sale and far simpler than Craigslist or eBay, Rumgr lists the photographed items by proximity to the buyer (within one mile, five miles, 10 miles and so on). Interested buyers click on the photo, which leads to an open forum where they can ask about the price, condition, size or whatever. When ready to buy, they click “accept” and the conversation goes to a private page for arrangements to meet. No exchange of emails and phone numbers necessary.

“We wanted to make it really easy for people to buy and sell stuff,” says Bathurst, who previously tweeted all of his unwanted items sitting in a friend’s garage. “No getting up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning for a garage sale.”

Bathurst, Ray Morgan and Alex Coleman built the free app in less than three months (moonlighting and using vacation time) after the idea was well received at Startup Weekend Las Vegas.

Mostly, Bathurst says of Rumgr, “it’s for stuff you’re just trying to find a way to get rid of, not really high-priced stuff to make a lot of money.”

No matter what you sell, it should definitely help cut down on those storage fees.

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