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As You See It: Reader comments about the Brass Monkey and more

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Nothing to fear but fear ... and germs

When we mused on how Vegas would fare in a Contagion-like outbreak we had no idea we were part of a vast conspiracy designed to make you wash your hands.

Movies are used by the Rockefeller/Rothschild perpetual-war-and-perpetual-debt cartel to instill fear in our populace. 9/11/01 was bankerdom’s most egregious example. There were no planes and no hijackers 10 years ago—only crudely botched Hollywood special effects—but not enough people have woken up enough to discern the truth yet, unfortunately.

A germ able to overcome your immune system and destroy one of your cells would have roughly the same chance of success as one small boy armed with a slingshot would have to destroy Chicago’s Sears Tower. Why didn’t health worker Ms. Gerken explain basic immunology to you?

Hollywood’s latest germophobia movie is a naked, unadulterated scare tactic. Like the real life movie we all (thought) we saw on 9/11, their lie will wither and die under any dispassionate scrutiny. Benjamin Franklin once said he believed none of what he heard and half of what he saw. We need a lot more of his wise advice today. —Brian K.

We’ve arrived!

You’re no one till the Church of Scientology is pissed at you.

Janet Reitman’s book on Scientology (Inside Scientology, September 28) is neither scholarly nor well-researched and bears no resemblance to an “inside” story. While preparing her book, Ms. Reitman never contacted the Church and never requested nor interviewed a single Church representative.

Janet Reitman defends her refusal to contact the Church at all during her five years of research for the book by saying she talked to Church representatives for her magazine article for Rolling Stone. It is true that she was granted a brief tour of the Church for research for her article in January 2006, but she seems to consider that this brief exposure exhausts the need even to mention to the Church at any time in five years that a book was in progress. Obviously there is a difference between an interview in a magazine devoted to popular culture and what Reitman describes as an objective academic study of the Church. Even when the Church learned a book was in progress and contacted her publisher to provide information, the Church was rebuffed.

She relies on a cadre of sources who are anti-Scientologist apostates with a hate-crime agenda, the majority of whom are connected to the Anonymous hacker collective, most recently known for the 16 criminal arrests by the FBI that occurred earlier this summer in the U.S.

Consequently, her report is filled with inaccuracies and is a rehash of false and baseless allegations largely drawn from stories written by others that have long been disproved, and many held inaccurate by courts of law. —Karin Pouw, Church of Scientology International

Brass bottled

In the Booze Issue, Associate Art Director Wesley Gatbonton shared his recipe for a classic called Brass Monkey.

I actually had a drink from a bottle that was labeled Brass Monkey and it wasn’t homemade. Is it possible that someone actually made this and sold it? I know I had it, my cousin in Redondo Beach introduced it to me. —Vegas Double

The company that made Brass Monkey is now defunct. A distributor in Pasadena says he has a few cases, but he’s charging way too much. I’m considering buying a couple cases. —Grant Samaniego

We appreciate this kind of helpful history, but we have to question the wisdom of buying Brass Monkey. Especially after Wes taught you how to make it so easily.

Boobs in Mishawaka

Recently, Erin Ryan suggested a Hooters in Mishawaka, Indiana might fare better than the local casino, because burgers with boobs aren’t much of a novelty here. Last week, Chris Scandling sent us a story in the South Bend Tribune about the impending demise of the Mishawaka Hooters due to financial woes. So much for the power of the pushup.

Let’s converse

Or not.

Just thought I would remind you that I don’t like reading Conversation Starters every week and reading liberal bullsh*t about the Republican party or the Tea Party. So shove the liberal articles about Fox News up your f*cking ass would you. Thanks bunches. —Ed


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