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Meet the most wanted plumber in Nevada

Neil Brodsky (with his Bono-like shades).

Jack the Ripper. Jimmy the Weasel. And now, Neil the Plumber, one of the most wanted, least-known criminals in Nevada—at least he was until last Saturday, when California’s Culver City PD put him in cuffs.

According to the Nevada State Contractors Board, Neil “the Plumber” Brodsky had been on its Most Wanted list since early 2010. You’re probably wondering two things: 1. What did he do? 2. The NSCB has a Most Wanted list?

What Brodsky did, according to a recent consumer alert that likely led to his arrest, is pretend to be someone who knows his way around a porcelain tank better than the average do-it-yourselfer. Using aliases and claiming affiliation with a legitimate company, he reportedly engaged in business without a license, unlawfully advertised his services and profited by such false pretenses. At press time, NSCB had not issued an official statement, but we’re guessing someone saw the mug shot below, recognized the weird glasses and blew the whistle.

As for the Most Wanted still at large, the NSCB website shows their faces and rap sheets, from contracting without licenses to diverting funds.

“We will not stop with our efforts until they are brought to justice,” NSCB Executive Officer Margi Grein says of the offenders. “Nevada homeowners deserve honest, licensed contractors who value safety and quality of work above all else.”

Should Neil the Plumber ever return to Craigslist, call the Unlicensed Contractor Hotline. And tell him Bono wants his shades back.


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