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Conversation starters: From a UFO sighting to the first local Gatsby Day

    • Reality bites

      Several Downtowners celebrated the first Gatsby Day in Las Vegas at Huntridge Circle Park last weekend. The event, themed after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous 1925 novel The Great Gatsby, featured croquet, a picnic, vintage bathing suits and flappers. They didn’t really need to re-create the economic hardship later in that decade, complete with the Great Depression and record unemployment—that was already happening all around them.

    • The truth is ... ?

      A video currently making the rounds on YouTube and Facebook shows a light display seen above the Las Vegas Strip recently. The seven-minute video appears to be a UFO sighting, with the lights gradually increasing in number and eventually rotating around. There’s been no official word yet on what exactly was filmed—and we don’t expect there ever will be. Admit it—you want this to be aliens, don’t you?

    • Drawing power

      A British businessman has purchased the earliest-known Andy Warhol drawing—for $5 at a Las Vegas garage sale. The 1930s signed sketch of singer and actor Rudy Vallee is believed to be worth $2 million, drawn when Warhol was 10 or 11. Some have estimated it to be worth 10 times that much. Seriously, people—if this story doesn’t get you motivated to begin rummaging through other people’s stuff, we’re not sure what will.


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