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What Google’s goggles could do for Las Vegas

The Google X crew welcome comments and suggestions on a dedicated Google+ page.

Last week the world got a glimpse of Google’s Project Glass, the sleek Internet-enabled goggles that would turn your whole world into an app-tastic, hands-free smartphone—literally, before your eyes.

The project is still being developed, and the Google X crew behind it have welcomed comments and suggestions on (what else?) a dedicated Google+ page. Our suggestion goes out to any casino execs keeping an eye on the tech blogs: Get on board. Now.

See, these Google goggles (try saying that five times fast) have plenty of real-world applications beyond checking email on the go or taking pictures without having to hit a button. And even more importantly, they have plenty of real Vegas applications, like helping drunken tourists navigate our labyrinthine casinos, letting you see what show tickets are available without having to stop at the box office or, perhaps, alerting you to the approximate wait time for general admission at your favorite club. You could take a tour of Caesars Palace guided by a mini Zach Galifianakis who lives in your glasses or order drinks poolside simply by staring straight ahead and talking to your eyewear. Which brings us to the downside of a population wearing Internet-capable, voice-activated glasses: How will we tell the crazy people from the rest of us when we’re all talking to ourselves?

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