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Time to go beyond the pot: six products to save you from planter monotony

Gentle souls have strolled the planet forever, reciting poetic verse on gardening and the simple joy of flowers while symphonies play softly on the breeze. And that’s really just great. But trying to find interesting options for container gardening can be a little sucky, especially if you have small, unique spaces, gravel yards or want something impressive to house your Dieffenbachia, jade plants or assortment of prickly cacti. Here are six products to save you from the misery of planter monotony:

    • Relax Planter

      This creative planter in the shape of a person relaxing on a lazy afternoon allows for an interesting swath of grass without completely draining what little resources this area has. It measures just over six feet, comes in two pieces and can also accommodate plants. $730,

    • Plants with pants

      Don’t worry. Just because these Domsai terrariums have legs doesn’t mean they’ll walk away. They may launch themselves into space, but not if you give them proper care—a little water and sunlight. Hand-cast and mouth-blown in Italy, these ceramics make for good friends on a lonely day at the office. $150,

    • Happy cycling

      Anyone dealing with plant separation anxiety might enjoy this option that attaches to your bike with a nylon cord. It’s also good for cyclists who store their rides in the living room. $45,

    • Railing planters

      These Greenbo planters could really doll up the balconies in town and save your patio space for other things, like grills and lounge chairs. $28,

    • Wall gardening

      Indoors or outdoors, Woolly Pocket containers add living texture to your walls and allow you to craft vertical gardens perfect for people without much floor space. $100,

    • Space age

      These Bullet Planters, fiberglass containers and tripods in three heights, are reproductions of vintage models by Hip Haven. They’re available in a range of colors, drain hole optional. $145-$160,

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