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Conversation starters: Get out the vote, get off the phone and thank’s, Harry


Scrubs may have gone off the air years ago, but apparently co-stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison are still hanging out together. They visited two Las Vegas-area Obama offices last weekend to help boost voter registration numbers, even going door-to-door for the campaign. Hey, Hollywood, how about sending other former sitcom buddies to help Obama? Perhaps Norm and Cliff from Cheers? Or those two dudes from Perfect Strangers? Just not Newman and Kramer from Seinfeld, please.


First, the good news: According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, the Nevada Highway Patrol has issued more than 4,500 citations to drivers using cellphones in 2012, the first year of a new law banning their use while driving. The bad news: We still see everyone driving while talking on their cellphones. Maybe that $72-$250 fine isn’t scary enough ...


In an era when Democrats are seen as wimps compared to their type-A Republican counterparts, Harry Reid’s uncharacteristically candid blasting of Nuclear Regulatory Commission member Bill Magwood—calling him “unethical,” “incompetent” and a liar for telling Reid he supported shutting down Yucca Mountain, then working against Reid’s efforts behind the scenes—was a welcome surprise. And with Magwood a potential candidate for NRC chairman, Reid’s stance is huge for Nevada’s future as a nuclear waste-free state. Bravo, Harry.


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