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Could a 22,000-square-foot market make Tivoli Village a must-visit destination?

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Picture this: a two-story, 22,000-square-foot destination designed to be the center of all things fresh and fantastic. There are 20 small and medium-sized stores under one roof, including a full-service restaurant, a wine bar, a cheese shop, a panini counter, produce and gourmet food mini-markets, home decor shops, jewelry boutiques, a cupcake bakery and more. Wouldn’t an open, airy shopping mecca like this be perfect somewhere in Summerlin?

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s real. This is Market LV at Tivoli Village. Many of the space’s elements are opening this week, and with the recent growth of farmers’ market experiences throughout the Valley, the timing seems perfect. Owners Andrea and Russell Young have done this before, creating OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa, California. They lease the space and manage the other vendors, teaming up to create a casual, flexible market vibe.

Tivoli, which opened its first phase in April 2011 and is currently building Phase 2, is a beautiful, walkable, mostly ignored retail center on Rampart Boulevard near Summerlin Parkway. “The first mall we went into was in the same condition,” Andrea Young says. “In California, the mall ended up building around our market based on its traffic and the unique concept. We learned we can live on our own.” Could Market LV be the catalyst that brings crowds to Tivoli Village? Young’s betting on it. “Many developers came after us for this, but when I saw Tivoli Village, I knew we had to be here. With the architecture [and] the surrounding neighborhood, it’s the right fit.”

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