It’s raining men: Male prostitutes have returned to Nevada

Markus, the man who started it all in 2010.
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Who knew Markus would be seen as such a trailblazer, in hindsight?

Markus, in case you’ve forgotten, was one of Nevada’s first two legal male prostitutes, way back in 2010, and like many others who go where no man has gone before, he found himself the butt of many jokes. He didn’t last long, and if you feel like making a joke about that line, well, shame on you. We’ve decided to make no more jokes at Markus’ expense.

Why? Because where two men once toiled, now there are four. That’s right. Nevada has doubled down on its male prostitute quotient, specifically at the Kit Kat Guest Ranch in Mound House (we had to look it up—it’s a real place near the California border in Lyon County, between Carson City and Dayton). It may not be raining men in Nevada, but it is definitely becoming a steady drizzle for paying customers.

All the men are from California and are independent contractors, just like the women at Kit Kat, explained brothel owner Sheila Caramella in an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal. They charge a minimum of $100 and are available for clients of either gender.

Thanks to Markus, the gigolo barrier has already been broken down in the Silver State. All that remains to be seen now is how long they’ll stick around. After all, Markus lasted only two months at the Shady Lady; the guy who followed him, who went by the name “Y.Not,” stayed half that long (despite a kick-ass name; go figure).

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