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Conversation starters: Hospital denies decision-making to domestic partners and more

Same sex snafu

Domestic partners Brittney Leon and Terri-Ann Simonelli were denied decision-making authority at a local hospital recently, and we feel the women’s outrage. The state of Nevada has confused this issue by prohibiting gay marriage and then passing a law in 2009 giving domestic partners “similar” rights to other married couples. Until Nevada mans up and legalizes gay marriage, such olive branches as the 2009 law are, for all intents and purposes, basically worthless.

Wild kingdom

Nature is having a field day in Las Vegas. Last weekend, a bull escaped its enclosure in a residential area in North Las Vegas and had to be tranquilized after hurting a woman who tried to help. Yes, the neighborhood is zoned for larger lots and people can have livestock there, but between this and the chimpanzee that keeps escaping, we’re starting to wonder if Las Vegas needs to pass a new law: No pets that weigh more than you do or are bigger than a Buick.

Sword to a gunfight

A man was fatally shot by a Dairy Queen employee this week as he allegedly tried to rob one of the Las Vegas stores with a samurai sword. More details are sure to come in this case, but just on the surface, we’re not sure what we find more disturbing: That someone would attempt a robbery with a sword; that Dairy Queen employees are apparently packing heat; or that this all happened at freaking Dairy Queen!


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