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Five local Twitter personalities you need in your feed

    • @HelicopterKen

      8 News Now helicopter reporter Ken Smith tweets out traffic alerts, route advice and occasional photos of particularly epic jams on Las Vegas roads. Google Maps might be able to tell you where the backups are, but Ken does it with far more personality.

    • @PennyPibbets

      Absinthe’s foul-mouthed puppet master tweets musings on everything from Mariah Carey to baby names to the rodeo. Why should you follow her? Because every time you check your Twitter feed it’s like someone just told you a dirty joke that no one else can hear.

    • @LVSkiSnowboard

      It’s winter, and the mountains are less than an hour away. Thank God the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort is on Twitter, so we know when to turn the car around, call in sick and take advantage of a good powder day.

    • @DowntownProjLV

      Despite having close to 2.7 million followers, Zappos’ CEO doesn’t tweet much. (just four times this year from @zappos). Keep up on the goings-on Downtown with this account from the Tony Hsieh-funded Downtown Project.

    • @TaylorBern

      When UNLV is on the court (or the field), Las Vegas Sun sports reporter Taylor Bern is on Twitter, giving real-time updates, jawing with fans and offering live analysis of the action. If you can’t be in the seats, following him is the next best thing.

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