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Thinking about Neil Patrick Harris, Girl Scout cookies and more

    • Keep talking

      Love the hole Liz Trotta keeps digging for herself over her horrific comments about women being raped in the military. Thank God she’s on Fox News, otherwise people would actually be taking her seriously. —Ken Miller, associate editor

    • Got the munchies?

      USA Today reports that Taco Bell will debut a new line of tacos March 8—with shells made completely from Doritos tortilla chips. Who is the test kitchen consulting, Cheech and Chong? —Mark Adams, listings coordinator

    • The great indoors

      I saw way more children inside the Pinball Hall of Fame than at the park during Monday’s (sunny) President’s Day holiday. I was always more of an indoor kid myself, but it still made me a little sad. —Spencer Patterson, managing editor

    • Cookie fortune

      Considering the killing that’s made every year on Girl Scout cookies, I think we should put adorable kids on the sales floors of all American businesses. Just have to address those pesky labor laws ... —Erin Ryan, staff writer

    • NPH!

      This past weekend, Neil Patrick Harris dined at Comme Ça, attended Zumanity and (rode atop the guy who) walked the high wire at Absinthe. Clearly, the man belongs in Vegas. Can we give him a role in Peepshow? —Sarah Feldberg, editor

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