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Conversation starters: A battery that can be spray-painted on and more

Sex miseducation College has apparently changed a lot since we attended. A federal lawsuit filed against several Western Nevada College employees alleges a human sexuality professor there required his students to masturbate, keep sex journals and detail their sexual histories in order to pass the course. The lawsuit was filed by a student who called the class an invasion of privacy and sexual harassment. There will undoubtedly be many jokes made about this, but if any of it is true ... yuck.

Live in shame no more Heads up, Clark County residents: This month only, the county will grant “amnesty” and allow you to pay normal fees if you did anything to your home without permits. We’re willing to wager that as our economy got worse over the last few years and houses filled up with people who had lost jobs and moved back home, a lot of people ended up converting garages into bedrooms. It also stands to reason most of these weren’t permitted, because hey, who had the money?

9-volt paint This just in from the “No Way!” inventions department: Researchers at Rice University have developed a new battery ... in a spray can. You read that right—a battery that can be spray-painted onto nearly any surface and holds and discharges energy. “We can convert almost any object to a battery,” said researcher Neelam Singh. Take a moment to marvel at the possibilities, not just the personal and business applications, but how taggers can now hook up neon lights as an adjunct to their graffiti.

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