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It’s Nude Recreation Week—where are you celebrating?

Right to bare arms: Nude Recreation Week is a great reason to get naked.
Rick Rycroft, AP

So, what are you wearing?

If you answered nothing, you’re in good company. It’s the American Association for Nude Recreation’s (AANR) official Nude Recreation Week. Big deal? It’s more important than National Nude Gardening Day and World Naked Bike Ride Day combined!

If you’re not attending one of the AANR’s official events, you can still strip down and get in on the action. Start by visiting one of our city’s topless pools, like Mirage’s Bare Pool Lounge, Mandalay Bay’s “Toptional” Moorea Beach Club or Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace.

Then again, I don’t know if true naturalists would approve of the Vegas pool scene. Naturalism is about bodily acceptance, and the Vegas pool scene is about making you feel fat and insecure. Another good option: local health clubs. The spas at Aria, Wynn and Cosmo are all open to the general public (for a fee), and the Spa at Encore is an especially great place to be naked—you can lie on a heated stone recliner or stand under a color-changing musical shower.

Then, there’s the ultimate nude Vegas option: compete in a strip club’s Amateur Night. Little Darlings, Babes Cabaret and Penthouse Club are your best bets.

Hey, if naked recreation was good enough for George Washington, Ben Franklin, JFK and George Clooney, it’s good enough for the rest of us. (To be clear, Washington, Franklin, Kennedy and Clooney were all skinny-dippers, not Amateur Night contestants. Though, with Ben “Hellfire Club” Franklin, you never really know.)


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