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Tarot 2.0: The Psychic Friends Network is back—and online, too

The Psychic Friends Network is again up and running.

Like Jon Stewart during the Republican primary, I’m giddy. The Psychic Friends Network is back. While the iconic infomercials starring Dionne Warwick (and her frosted glasses) stopped and the company went bankrupt in the late ’90s, founder Mike Lasky kept it on life support. “We were just under the radar for a while,” said his son and PFN’s CEO Marc in a Bloomberg Businessweek story, after PFN went public in April. (Insert joke about insider trading.)

The company relaunched this summer with a new web platform full of social media, e-alerts and instant messaging, so you can connect with Zelda, Destiny and Midnight Magical Spirit through video, voice or text for 24/7 tarot, astrology, numerology, dream interpretation and other “peeks.” Calls are still $3.99 a minute.

PFN claims to have fielded more than 10 million “satisfied calls.” But the FAQ page includes a tip on resolving disputes: “Remember all calls are for entertainment purposes only.” At that price, it better be really f*cking entertaining.


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