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Copperfield sparks excitement at magicians’ convention

David Copperfield was interviewed by MAGIC magazine’s Stan Allan at last week’s Society of American Magicians convention.
Photo: Dimitar Deinov

The Society of American Magicians (SAM) annual convention just wrapped up, and if I die without seeing another magic trick, I’ll be okay.

Then again, I say the same thing after every magic convention, and two days later, I’m jonesing for more.

This year’s convention was held at the Golden Nugget. Highlights included an onstage interview of David Copperfield by MAGIC magazine’s Stan Allan and a lecture by Chris Kenner, Copperfield’s producer.

Copperfield described the amazing feeling he got when he walked into Tannen’s magic shop for the first time. He asked the audience, “Do you remember that feeling?” A wave of yeses spread through the crowd. It was a beautiful, unifying moment.

Next, Kenner lectured on originality, creativity, weight loss, and what it takes to work for David Copperfield. Here’s the short of it: If you can personally transport a drive-in theater movie screen from Las Vegas to a remote Caribbean island in 5 days or less, you can have the job.

For me, the SAM convention’s highlight was the dealers’ room. I bought four things: A carnival-themed deck of cards, a disappearing pen, a die with spots that don’t reflect in a mirror (think vampire), and invisible ice. Total: $60.

Now I have to figure out what the hell I’m going to do with all that crap.


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