Spike Lee in talks to bring Mike Tyson to Broadway

The Oscar-nominated director wants to bring Undisputed Truth to New York City.
Spike Lee by Victoria Will, AP; Mike Tyson by Erik Kabik, AP

Trey Parker and Matt Stone must be kicking themselves. The South Park creators and brains behind Broadway smash The Book of Mormon were probably working on a storyline in which Mike Tyson gets onstage with a microphone and spontaneously sings, waves to his former cocaine buddies and riffs on how long he’d go without washing his ass back in the day.

But Tyson beat them to the punch. Hey-oh! And now, Spike Lee is in talks to bring Tyson’s tell-all show Undisputed Truth (which debuted at the MGM Grand this spring) to the Great White Way. Obviously, Phil Collins should write the score. And we’re hoping there will be a dreamy dance number between Tyson and someone dressed as Evander Holyfield’s ear.


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