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Thinking about Kabuto, a 3D printer that makes burritos and more

    • Golden age

      Bowling, getting drunk, playing pool, baking on the Strip ... all part of a great weekend to help a good friend from Georgia celebrate his 50th birthday. And he chose Vegas to do it. Gotta love this city. —Ken Miller, associate editor

    • Babies having babies

      Is it just me or does the flier for the Clark County Library’s June 23 “Frustrated With Your Kids” seminar use the same model to play the mom and the daughter? —Rick Lax, staff writer

    • Faster food

      Meet Burritobot, a 3D printer that makes custom creations without needing hands or Social Security numbers. The only hiccup? Ingredients must pass through a tiny syringe hole, which doesn’t bode well for that carne asada. —Sarah Feldberg, editor

    • Hail the queen

      Just when you think no one can match the brilliance of Donna Summer’s and Maynard Ferguson’s renditions of “MacArthur Park,” along comes an old recording by Aretha Franklin. Holy Toledo. —Kristen Peterson, staff writer

    • Raw deal

      The good news: Kabuto is the best thing to happen to Vegas sushi in years. The bad: Since eating there, I’ve been unable to enjoy my old, reliable neighborhood joint the way I always used to. If only Kabuto were closer/cheaper/kid appropriate. —Spencer Patterson, managing editor

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    Sarah Feldberg

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    Spencer Patterson

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