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Conversation starters: White Cross Drugs closes and more

    • Drastic action

      Gas prices continue to rise nationwide. In Las Vegas, the average price is $3.76 a gallon—five cents higher than the national average and 32.8 cents higher than last month. Experts say the price could be $4.15 by mid-May. Drivers we’ve talked to have all said the same thing: If prices continue to rise, they’ll have no choice but to … continue to fill their tanks so they can keep driving, damn it. But they’ll be muttering obscenities under their breath the entire time they’re doing it. Take that, oil companies.

    • Tim time

      Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow drew more than 20,000 people to the Canyon Ridge Christian Church last weekend, where he spoke about his faith and showed senior pastor Kevin Odor how to “Tebow.” That’s almost double the average home attendance at Rebels basketball games. Is there any way we can get this guy to visit every few weeks or so? We’re already busy printing the “I Tebowed in Las Vegas!” shirts.

    • Drug history

      White Cross Drugs, a 60-year-old drugstore on the Las Vegas Strip, has closed its pharmacy after its supplier cut it off from ordering prescription drugs. The store itself is expected to close at the end of the month. Luckily, Tiffany’s Cafe, ever a part of the White Cross experience, is expected to remain open. So we can no longer fill prescriptions, but we can still belly up for a great burger and retro atmosphere.


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