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Worst prank ever? Woman’s airline bomb threat aimed at boyfriend

Sudo received 10 months home confinement and probation for telling US Airways her boyfriend had a bomb on one of their planes.

I don’t care how pissed you are at your boyfriend—there are some things you just don’t do. And UNLV graduate Miki Victoria Sudo did one of ’em. In 2010, she waited until her boyfriend was flying out of McCarran, then she called US Airways and said that he had a bomb on the plane. Oh, did we mention she did this on September 11? The airlines grounded the plane and emptied it. Then they went through the luggage. No bomb. Sudo later said she was upset that her boyfriend never paid her back for the ticket, and last week, she pled guilty to intentionally conveying false and misleading information. A felony. The prosecutors’ recommended sentence: 10 months home confinement and probation. Kind of a bargain, no?


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