Las Vegas pitches in to support a local business on National Cash Mob Day

The Arts District has more than a few places to spend your twenties at for National Cash Mob Day.

So far as we can tell, there will be no group dancing, a la Godspell, nor impromptu sing-alongs when locals meet up at Colorado Ave. and 3rd St. March 24 as part of National Cash Mob Day.

With all the spirit of a bake sale, sans pastries and cakes, local do-gooders wanting to throw a little money into the coffers of neighborhood businesses will simply ... shop.


National Cash Mob Day
March 24, noon
3rd St. and Colorado Ave.
Beyond the Weekly

Think of it as a Flash Mob of consumers: People get together, and everyone spends $20 each at a designated business. The group shopping spree is designed to support the local community and economy. Cash Mob suggests patronizing locally owned businesses that have products for men and women, give back to the community, agree to be Cash Mobbed and are within a block of a local tavern.

Local organizer Danielle Bell chose the vintage boutique, Gypsy Den, as the local business to support this weekend and Bar+Bistro as the local tavern. But there’s plenty else in the Arts District, should consumers have extra twenties.

What can you get for $20 or less? Microfiber recycled Mighty Wallets at Trifecta; plush microbes and vinyl toys at Happy Panda Toys; vintage ties at Retro Vegas; the Margorilla at Bar+Bistro; all sorts of gadgets, patches and ashtrays at the Funk House; rhinestones, mustaches, stage makeup, feathers and the like at Williams Costume Co.

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